Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 1100 to 1200. Find out how to beat 1100 to 1200. levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

Pastry Palace (1101-1115)
The 75th episode of Candy Crush Saga, Pastry Palace features some really difficulty levels that will prove to be real head scratchers. While you won’t have to worry about any chocolate fountains, you will have to play close attention to the chameleon candies that are stuck in sugar chest. In this episode, you’ll play through 9 jelly levels, 2 ingredient levels, and 4 order levels.

Raspberry Races (1116-1130)
This episode is the 76th episode of Candy Crush and features an overall difficulty level of medium to kind of hard. While you won’t find any new features or elements here, you will experience level 1128 which is insanely hard. This jelly level will see you work against popcorn, icing, and cakes. In all, expect to play through 7 jelly levels, 6 ingredient levels, and 2 order levels.

Teapot Tower (1131-1145)
Episode 77 of Candy Crush, Teapot Tower, is an extremely difficult cluster of levels to get through. There’s no new blockers or elements, but you will find the infamously dreaded level 1142. Level 1142 sees you attempt to drop 4 jellied ingredients through three separate boards filled with icing, licorice locks, and chocolate. In all, you’ll find 9 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels, and 3 order levels.

Barking Boutique (1146-1160)
This moderately difficult episode features some sweet relief from the craziness of Teapot Tower. While you’ll still have to battle through many jelly levels, you’ll get some help with licorice locked wrapped candies. In all of episode 78, expect to encounter 10 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, and 1 order level.

Barking Boutique (Level 1146-1160)
In the Barking Boutique, Tiffi meets the Licorice Cat. Barking Boutique is the first episode that features wrapped candies stuck in licorice locks (level 1157). Help her defeat the Barking Boutique by making it through 7 jelly levels, 2 ingredient levels and 1 order level in this section. The hardest level in Barking Boutique is level 1154.

Banana Beach (Level 1161-1175)
Watch as Odus windsurfs through Banana Beach. Banana Beach is a medium difficulty episode. There are no new candies or features in Banana Beach. Its hardest level is Candy Crush level 1167. To defeat Banana Beach, you will have to win 6 jelly levels, 5 ingredient levels and 4 order levels.

Snack Shack (Level 1176-1190)
Get some snacks from Olivia as you make your way through Snack Shack. Snack Shack is a very difficult episode, with 12 out of 15 levels considered difficult or very difficult. Level 1176 is usually considered the hardest in Snack Shack. You will encounter 9 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels and 3 order levels.

Fungi Forest
In Fungi Forest, Tiffi and Foxie get to pick mushrooms together. There are no new features in this episode. Fungi Forest is of middling difficulty, a relief after Snack Shack! The hardest Fungi Forest level in this section is level 1193. You will have to defeat 5 jelly levels, 2 ingredient levels, 2 order levels and 1 timed level in this section of Fungi Forest.


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