Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 1000 to 1100. Find out how to beat 1000 to 1100. levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

Caramel Keep (Level 996-1010)
In Caramel Keep, Tiffi is attempting to find her way inside the Caramel Keep with the help of a key from Kingsley. In level 1004, you will have a candy frog in a timed level for the first time. Be careful, activating the frog will cost you time! The hardest level in Caramel Keep is level 1008. In this section of Caramel Keep, you will have to defeat 6 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels, 1 timed level and 2 order levels.

Tasty Treasury (Level 1011-1025)
Tiffi finds a treasure chest at the beginning of this episode. You must help her unlock it and get a treasure map from the Genie Jellybeanie. In level 1017, you will find a candy frog inside a sugar chest for the first time. Tasty Treasury is an easy episode, with only one hard level: level 1014. To defeat Tasty Treasury, you will need to beat 10 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels, 1 order level and 1 timed level.

Luscious Lagoon (Level 1026-1040)
The heat is getting to Hippo! Help Tiffi get him a cool drink by defeating all 15 levels. The Luscious Lagoon episode has 6 difficult levels, although level 1032 is generally considered the hardest. Luscious Lagoon has 7 jelly levels, 5 ingredient levels and 3 order levels.

Mellow Marshmallow (Level 1040-1055)
Help Tiffi make over the Marshmallow People! Level 1050 is the hardest in Mellow Marshmallow. It is very difficult, but the other levels are easy or medium difficulty, making Mellow Marshmallow a medium difficulty episode. This section of Mellow Marshmallow has 5 jelly levels, 2 ingredient levels and 3 order levels.


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