Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 600 to 700. Find out how to beat 600 to 700 levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

Wafer Windmill
The first episode in this section is Wafer Windmill, containing levels 591-605. Although there are no truly new elements in this episode, the candy cannons are now able to dispense up to three types of special items: licorice swirls, ingredients and candy bombs. The hardest level in this section of the episode is level 603. There are 2 ingredient levels and 3 jelly levels in this section of Wafer Windmill.

Cereal Sea
Cereal Sea is the second episode, featuring levels 606-620. This episode introduces the candy frog, an element that does not get removed when it is matched. The candy frog stores special candies’ properties and explodes an area of the board when it is fed by making enough matches. It first appears in Candy Crush level 606. The hardest level in this episode is level 617. Cereal Sea has 6 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, 3 moves levels, 1 timed level and 1 order level.

Taffy Tropics
Taffy Tropics is the third episode in this section and the first of World Eight. It features levels 621-635. No new candies are introduced in this episode, although many levels feature the candy frog. Taffy Tropics is considered a fairly easy episode, although it has one level, level 629, that is very hard. Taffy Tropics includes 7 jelly levels, 5 ingredient levels, 2 order levels, and 1 move level.

Glazed Grove
Glazed Grove, levels 636-650, is the final episode in this section. It does not feature any new elements or items. The hardest levels in Glazed Grove are levels 647 and 649. Glazed Grove features 6 jelly levels, 5 order levels, 3 ingredient levels and 1 move level.

Fizzy Falls
Fizzy Falls is the third episode of World Eight and the first episode of this section. Fizzy Falls contains levels 651-665. This episode does not introduce any new elements or special candies. The hardest level in Fizzy Falls is Level 664. Fizzy Falls has 6 jelly levels, 5 order levels and 4 ingredient levels.

Crunchy Courtyard
Crunchy Courtyard, with levels 666-680, is the second episode featured in this section. In level 677, special candies are locked in licorice locks for the first time, although there are no truly new features. Crunchy Courtyard’s hardest levels are level 670 and level 679. This episode features 7 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels and 4 order levels.

Choco Rio Grande
Choco Rio Grande is the third episode of this section, featuring levels 681-695. There are no new features in the Choco Rio Grande episode. Choco Rio Grande is a fairly difficult episode, with 7 hard levels. The hardest is generally considered to be level 688. Choco Rio Grande consists of 6 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, 4 order levels and 1 timed level.

Toffee Tower
The final episode in this section is Toffee Tower, with levels 696-710. No new features have been added in Toffee Tower. The hardest level of this section is level 699. The other levels in Toffee Tower are generally considered to be easy levels and it is definitely easier than Choco Rio Grande. There are 2 jelly levels, 1 order, 1 ingredient, and 1 time level in this section of Toffee Tower.


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