Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 200 to 300. Find out how to beat 200 to 300 levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

Sweet Surprise
The 15th episode of Candy Crush Saga, Sweet Surprise, contains the levels 201-215. Level 201 is the first to feature a color bomb trapped in marmalade; level 204 is the first to have an Extra Time candy in marmalade. Sweet Surprise has 5 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels, 2 timed levels and 5 order levels. Level 201 is considered the hardest level in Sweet Surprise. All levels in Sweet Surprise has either 5 or 6 colors of candy.

Crunchy Castle
Crunchy Castle contains level 216-230. Crunchy Castle is the fourth episode in World Three. Although there are no truly new features, level 216 introduces dispensers or candy cannons that distribute licorice swirls. Level 217 introduces candy cannons that create both ingredients and licorice swirls. Crunchy Castle’s hardest level is level 226. The easiest level is level 220.

Chocolate Barn
The third episode in this section is the Chocolate Barn, containing levels 231-245. Chocolate Barn is the fifth episode in World Three and the first episode to feature mystery candies. Mystery candies first appear in level 231. Mystery candies spawn either a special candy or a blocker when matched. There is about a 50-50 chance of receiving either. Chocolate Barn has 6 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels, 1 timed level and 5 order levels. Level 245 is considered the most difficult in Chocolate Barn.

Delicious Drifts
Delicious Drifts is the final episode in this section. It consists of levels 246-260. Level 246 is the first that features jelly fish covered by marmalade. There are 3 jelly levels, 1 ingredient level and 1 order level in this section of Delicious Drifts. All levels are considered medium or easy.

Delicious Drifts (Levels 246-260)
Delicious Drifts is located in a polar climate, and it is where Tiffi encounters Mr. Polar. His jelly fish has frozen in the ice. Delicious Drifts in the first level where jelly fish and coconut wheels will naturally occur on the board. Both will appear in marmalade. Overall, this is a fairly easy episode level.

Holiday Hut (Levels 261-275)
In Holiday Hut, Tiffi meets a gingerbread woman who has no mouth. The most notable new feature in this episode is the introduction of candy cannons. Candy cannons are a difficult element because it is candy bomb dispenser that adds candy bombs to the playing field. Because of candy cannons, Holiday Hut is known as a difficult episode to beat.

Candy Clouds (Levels 276-290)
Tiffi runs into a giant, who has fallen from his castle in the clouds. You will only see his feet. In Candy Clouts, five-layered icing is introduced. You have to hit it five times to remove the blocker or use special candies. This episode is of medium difficulty with level 290 being the most difficult.

Jelly Jungle (Levels 291-305)
In Jelly Jungle, Tiffi meets a baby dinosaur that is in danger of a pterodactyl. When you complete the episode, Tiffi will give him an egg shell to hide in. You will find this level slightly more difficult than Candy Clouts.


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