Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 500 to 600. Find out how to beat 500 to 600 levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

Ice Cream Caves
Ice Cream Caves is the first episode in this section and the fifth of World Six. Ice Cream Caves consists of levels 501-515 and does not have any new features. Ice Cream Caves is a fairly easy episode. Its hardest level, level 505, is not considered particularly difficult. Ice Cream Caves features 7 jelly levels, 6 ingredient levels and 2 order levels. After Ice Cream Caves, there are fewer order levels in general.

Sour Salon
Sour Salon is the final episode in World Six with levels 516-530. In level 518, jelly fish are locked in licorice locks for the first time. Like Ice Cream Caves, Sour Salon does not have any timed levels. However, it is a very difficult episode, unlike Ice Cream Caves. All of Sour Salon’s levels have five colors of candy. Sour Salon’s hardest level is Candy Crush level 530. The episode has 6 jelly levels, 6 ingredient levels and 3 order levels.

Sticky Savannah
Sticky Savannah is the first episode in World Seven, with levels 531-545. The conveyor belt is introduced for the first time in level 531, an element that moves candies through the field in a different direction than they fall normally. Sticky Savannah’s hardest level is 539. Sticky Savannah has 9 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels and 2 order levels.

Jelly Wagon
The final episode in this section is the Jelly Wagon. Jelly Wagon does not have any new features or elements. The hardest level in this episode under 550 is level 549. The levels featured in Jelly Wagon are 4 jelly levels and 1 ingredient level.

Jelly Wagon (546-560)
Jelly Wagon features a moderately hard difficulty level. Fortunately, this episode features some fun levels where you can create a ton of special candies thanks to some levels with only 4 candy colors. However, you will need to get through the pretty tricky level of 559 which sees you attempt to drop 4 ingredients over 3 rows of conveyor belts. In this episode, you can expect to play through 8 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, and 3 order levels.

Biscuit Bungalow (561-575)
Biscuit Bungalow is an extremely annoying episode thanks to every level featuring a conveyor belt. Luckily, you also won’t find many blockers in the 39th episode. Biscuit Bungalow also sees the first appearance of conveyor belt’s that can round corners. The first example of this can be found in Candy Crush level 561. To get through this episode, you’ll need to get through 7 jelly levels, 6 ingredient levels, and 2 order levels.

Gummy Gardens (576-590)
The 40th episode of Candy Crush Saga, Gummy Gardens packs an overall difficulty level of just somewhat hard. If you got through Biscuit Bungalow, you’ll be able to get through Gummy Gardens with little trouble. However, you will need to play through the insanely hard level of 577 which attempt to clear 27 jellies amongst a massive column of candy bombs. You’ll find 8 jelly levels, 5 ingredient levels, and 2 order levels in the Gummy Gardens.

Wafer Windmill (591-605)
The Wafer Windmill is the 41st episode in Candy Crush Saga and puts you through a cluster of levels featuring a somewhat hard difficulty level. In Candy Crush level 600, you’ll experience the game’s only 3-ingredient dispensing canon. Here, you’ll need to be careful as the canon will drop your ingredients but also candy bombs and licorice swirls. In total, you can expect to play through 8 jelly levels, 6 ingredient levels, and 1 order level.



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