Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 400 to 500. Find out how to beat 400 to 500 levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

The first episode in this section of Candy Crush levels is Polkapalooza. Polkapalooza contains levels 396-410. Although there are no new blockers introduced in Polkapalooza, it is the first episode that has mystery candies inside of licorice locks. Levels 409 and 410 are considered the hardest in Polkapalooza. Polkapalooza has 6 jelly levels, 2 ingredient levels, 1 timed level and 6 order levels.

Soda Swamp
The next episode is Soda Swamp, containing levels 411-425. Originally, toffee tornados were introduced in this episode. However, toffee tornadoes were removed from Candy Crush Saga. Now, popcorn has its unofficial introduction in level 414. You will also see UFOs for the first time in level 419. Lucky candies (candies that change into whatever type of candy you need) first appear in Candy Crush level 421. Candy Crush level 425 is the hardest in Soda Swamp. Soda Samp has 6 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels and 6 order levels.

Rainbow Runaway
Rainbow Runaway is the third episode in this section. This episode is the first to include coconut wheels in its order levels (level 438). The hardest level in Rainbow Runaway is level 437. Rainbow Runaway includes 6 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, 1 timed level and 4 order levels.

Butterscotch Boulders
Butterscotch Boulders is the first episode of World Six and the last of this section. Butterscotch Boulders does not introduce any new blockers or special candies, but it is a hard episode. The hardest level in this episode is 445. Butterscotch Boulders includes 7 jelly levels, 3 ingredient levels and 5 order levels.

Butterscotch Boulders (441-455)
Butterscotch Boulders packs an overall difficulty of hard. However, Candy Crush Levels 451 and 451 are particularly difficult. In this episode, you’ll notice that only the evenly numbered levels are timed. In all, there are 7 jelly levels, 3 ingredien levels, and 5 order levels.

Sugary Shire (456-470)
Watch Out! Surgary Shire hits you right in the face with an overall difficulty level of hard to very hard. You won’t find any new Candy Crush elements here, but you will find the game’s only 50-move candy bomb in level 470. However, the hardest level here is level 461 where you will need to clear out 63 jellies in a field featuring a ton of chocolate. In all, you will see 6 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, 1 timed level, and 4 order levels.

Cherry Chateau (471-485)
Cherry Chateau is the 33rd episode of Candy Crush Saga and features an overall difficulty level of hard to very hard. While the bulk of the levels are rated as hard, you’ll have to worry about level 480 which is the toughest level in the episode. In level 480, you’ll need to clear out 17 jellies on a board featuring two separate mini boards with licorice covered jelly pieces. In all, you can expect to face 7 jelly levels, 4 ingredient levels, and 4 order levels.

Meringue Moon (486-500)
The 34th episode in Candy Crush Saga, Meringue Moon forces you through a cluster of hard to very hard levels. This episode also features the 500th level of Candy Crush, a level that orgiginally featured an insan difficulty level. However, the level was later altered to a mere very difficulty level. In all, you will play through 7 jelly levels, 5 ingredient levels, and 3 order levels.


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