Candy Crush Saga cheats for levels 300 to 400. Find out how to beat 300 to 400 levels in Candy Crush Saga with these strategy guides. Pass every level with these Candy Crush tips.

Jelly Jungle
The first episode featured in this section is Jelly Jungle. Jelly Jungle is levels 291-305. No new blockers or special candies are added in this episode. The hardest level of this episode is featured in this section, level 305. The relevant section of Jelly Jungle includes 2 order levels, 2 jelly levels and 1 ingredient level.

Savory Shores
Savory Shores is the second episode in this section. This episode contains levels 306-320. Level 306 is the first to introduce chameleon candies, candies that change color after every move. Each chameleon candy has only two potential colors. Savory Shores has 7 jelly levels, 4 order levels, 3 ingredient levels and 1 timed level. Savory Shores’ hardest level is usually considered to be level 315.

Munchy Monolith
Munchy Monolith is the third episode in this section, featuring levels 321-335. In Munchy Monolith, no new special candies or blockers are introduced. This episode is generally considered hard, with many difficult levels. Level 323 is the hardest level in Munchy Monolith. There are 6 jelly levels, 5 order levels, 3 ingredient levels and 1 timed level in Munchy Monolith.

Pearly White Plains
Pearly White Plains is the final episode of World Four and this section. Pearly White Plains does not feature any new blockers or special candies. It is considered to be easier than Munchy Monolith, with only two levels that are very difficult, level 341 and 347. Candy Crush Level 347 is considered the hardest of Pearly White Plains. Pearly White Plains has 6 jelly levels, 5 order levels, 3 ingredient levels and 1 timed level.

Fudge Islands (Levels 351-365)
At the beginning of Fudge Islands, Tiffi comes across a Baker named Berry. Berry is unable to find her spoon for making cake, so Tiffi has to help her. There are no notable new features in this episode, but there are still some things to note. In the finale for Fudge Islands, the level will be a very difficult candy order level. This will contrast from the previous four episodes that were difficult jelly levels.

Pudding Pagoda (Levels 366-380)
In Pudding Pagoda, Tiffi encounters a Cat that needs help stopping the Bubblegum Troll, who is damaging the pagoda tower. In this episode, you will be introduced to cake bombs. Cake bombs are an eight-segmented blocker and are the first blocker to take up more than one space on a playing board. Once all eight parts are destroyed, cake bombs remove all candies and one-hit blockers from the board. Pudding Pagoda is known as an extremely difficult episode with level 377 being rated a very hard candy order level.

Licorice Tower (Levels 381-395)
When Tiffi arrives at the Licorice Tower, a guard is yelling for help. The guard informs Tiffi that the Candy Jewels have been stolen. Although there are no new notable features to mention, there are some things you should know about this episode. The final level will be an ingredient level, and all ingredient levels will require you to get two hazelnuts and two cherries. This will be one of the last episodes that will have an easy final level.

Polkapalooza (Levels 396-410)
In Polkapalooza, Tiffi meets Mr. Rockstar, who is a guitarist that cries over his messed up hair. The only notable feature of this episode is that you will find mystery candies trapped in licorice locks.


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