candy crush level 1071 cheats

Candy Crush: Level 1071
Level Type: Jelly

These Candy Crush Level 1071 cheats will help you beat level 1071 on Candy Crush Saga easily. Candy Crush level 1071 is the first level in Cloudberry Creek and the 484th jelly level. To beat this level, you must crush 18 double jelly squares in 30 moves or fewer. You have 5 candy colors and 67 available spaces. You can get a maximum of 90,000 points.

Strategy: There is a temptation to obsess with the frog, but it is actually quite difficult to release the frog and use the frogtastic as the vanguard of your assault on the jellies. You have a far better chance of opening up the board by making a big hole in the locked chocolate, using a combination. This might be achieved with a color bomb + striped candy combination or with a well-placed (bottom row of the top area) striped + wrapped candy combination. You can then assault the chocolate more readily, as there will be plenty of places where it has opened up, and thus start to destroy jelly as candies fall through. With this approach, you do not actually need all the jelly fish and the frogtastic, but freeing the jelly fish towards the end can help clean up any stray jellies that remain.

The presence of only five colors makes it easier to create special candies, but the initially restricted board space hinders the player’s ability to do so. Candies will spawn onto the double jellies once the locked chocolate is cleared. A candy frog is provided to help clear the jellies, but it is trapped in chocolate, so it must be freed before it can be activated. Four jelly fish are also provided to help clear the jellies, but they are under liquorice locks, and must be freed before they can be used. There are hidden teleporters on the board. The jellies are worth 36,000 points, which is more than the one star target score.

Crush Level Saga Level 1071 Details

Level Type: Jelly (See all Level Types)
Episode: Candy Town
Goal: crush 18 double jelly squares in 30 moves or fewer.
Candy Colors: 5
Max Score: 90,000 / 3 Stars

Here are the cheats and tips on how to beat Candy Crush level 1071:

Candy Crush Level 1071 Cheats

  • Unlock the fish and the frog
    Candy Crush Level 1071 tip
  • Free the jelly fish towards end of the level
    Candy Crush Level 1071 cheats
  • Create as many special candies as you can on the board
    Candy Crush Level 1071 help

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