candy crush level 497 cheats

Candy Crush: Level 497
Episode: Meringue Moor
Level Type: Candy Order

These Candy Crush Level 497 cheats will help you beat level 497 on Candy Crush Saga easily. Candy Crush level 497 is the twelfth level in Meringue Moor and the 115th candy order level. To beat this level, you must collect 8 wrapped candies in 50 moves or fewer. You have 6 candy colors and 53 available spaces. You can get a maximum of 70,000 points.

Strategy: Try not to get the wrapped candies unless it happens naturally through other combinations. Use the color bombs to temporarily remove a color from the board, making it easier to create more wrapped candies. The best way to try and collect the level “order” is to create a wrapped candy + color bomb combination. It effectively helps you to collect the wrapped candy order.

The restrictive board can make the level a bit difficult, as making wrapped candies requires quite a bit of space, not to mention that there are six colors on this level as well. The wrapped candies in the corners can cause players to attempt to aim for those candies, which can waste a lot of moves. Even if the player frees the wrapped candies, they will not slide from the side pockets. The only way to use them is by doing a striped candy + wrapped candy combination by the sides or using a color bomb to activate them. An exploding wrapped candy next to the ones in the corners will also activate them. The order is worth 8,000 points. Hence, an additional 2,000 points is required to earn one star.

Crush Level Saga Level 497 Details

Level Type: Candy Order (See all Level Types)
Episode: Candy Town
Goal: collect 8 wrapped candies in 50 moves or fewer.
Candy Colors: 6
Max Score: 70,000 / 3 Stars

Here are the cheats and tips on how to beat Candy Crush level 497:

Candy Crush Level 497 Cheats

  • Frozen Color Bombs.
    Candy Crush Level 497 tip
  • Striped candies and frozen color bombs.
    Candy Crush Level 497 cheats
  • Wrapped candies.
    Candy Crush Level 497 help

Level 497 Tips & Help

1Frozen color bombs can be used in many different ways. Match frozen color bombs with other frozen wrapped candies. This will release it. Matching them with a candy will remove it from the board. This will help make getting wrapped candies much easier.

2Striped candies are beneficial to clearing the level. Match striped candies. Doing this will allow you to collect wrapped candies more easily.

3Wrapped candies are the key to beating this level. If you create enough wrapped candies, you will not need to grab all the frozen candies.

Candy Crush Level 497 Video Guide


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