candy crush level 578 cheats

Candy Crush: Level 578
Episode: Gummy Gardens
Level Type: Jelly

These Candy Crush Level 578 cheats will help you beat level 578 on Candy Crush Saga easily. Candy Crush level 578 is the third level in Gummy Gardens and the 251st jelly level. To beat this level, you must crush 2 single and 13 double jelly squares in 50 moves or fewer. You have 6 candy colors and 65 available spaces. You can get a maximum of 200,000 points.

Strategy: Create special candies and try to position them in a useful location. Do not waste too much time on the candy bombs. Break the icing and clear the jelly with special candies. When the bombs are about to explode, then try to clear them out the way. Do not wait for too many moves, or they will explode.

The jellies are hard to reach. The ones in the bottom row will be quickly covered in chocolate. The ones in the second row from the bottom are protected by three layered icing. The two on the sides are at the bottom of two small columns. The awkward shape of the board makes it difficult to create special candies, the presence of six colors makes it even harder. The candy bombs dropping from the centre dispenser distract you from the job of clearing jellies. This level is still hard even with boosters. There is a very high chance that the booster could be in the row where the chocolate generator covers, making everything except the color bomb completely useless (this point is only applicable on the web version. On mobile versions, you can exit the level without making a move, and you will still have the booster. Also you will not lose a life). The jellies are worth 28,000 points. Hence, an additional 22,000 points is required to earn one star.

Crush Level Saga Level 578 Details

Level Type: Jelly (See all Level Types)
Episode: Candy Town
Goal: crush 2 single and 13 double jelly squares in 50 moves or fewer.
Candy Colors: 6
Max Score: 200,000 / 3 Stars

Here are the cheats and tips on how to beat Candy Crush level 578:

Candy Crush Level 578 Cheats

  • Use special candy combos.
    Candy Crush Level 578 tip
  • Deal with the candy bombs.
    Candy Crush Level 578 cheats
  • Don’t let the chocolate spread.
    Candy Crush Level 578 help

Level 578 Tips & Help

1Candy Crush Saga level 578 is one of the hardest levels in any of the most recent updates. To clear the jellies, you must get through 3 conveyor belts and meringues, licorice, and chocolates. Oh, and there are candy bombs!. The best bet is to form as many special candy combos as you can at the top of the board. Striped candies plus a color bomb should help you clear jellies at the bottom without having to go through the belts. But if you are finding it to difficult to form specials candy combos, conserve your time and use special candies as they come.

2Candy Crush Saga level 578 features a ton of problems. But the candy bombs are one of the biggest. Therefore, you will need to deal with them whenever you can. Luckily, they are 12 move candy bombs, so you will have some time. If they fall to the belt, you will need a bit of luck on your side as they could possibly clear out on their own. However, the last thing you will want is for them to get stuck in a jelly. Remember, if you need to clear out several bombs, special candy combos are the most efficient method.

3On top of meringues and licorice, you will also need to deal with a chocolate fountain and the regenerating chocolate pieces. In order to clear the jellies with the given moves, you will need to keep a watchful eye on the chocolates. Letting them spread with cause certain death to your chances to win. If they begin to spread feverishly, your best best will be to clear them out with a wrapped candy or striped candy.

Candy Crush Level 578 Video Guide


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