candy crush level 586 cheats

Candy Crush: Level 586
Episode: Gummy Gardens
Level Type: Ingredients

These Candy Crush Level 586 cheats will help you beat level 586 on Candy Crush Saga easily. Candy Crush level 586 is the eleventh level in Gummy Gardens and the 152nd ingredients level. To beat this level, you must collect 2 hazelnuts in 35 moves or fewer. You have 5 candy colors and 54 available spaces. You can get a maximum of 130,000 points.

Strategy: If you are fortunate enough to have two matching candies above the ingredient, then you need only one of that color on either side of the bottom of the conveyor to swap out with a vertical match. This occurs occasionally. If you are on mobile, it is suggested to reload until this layout occurs. Otherwise, you must try for a horizontal match: look to the adjacent conveyor at the candy color (or candies if ingredient on middle conveyor belt) that is even with your ingredient. Then try to get two candies of that same color on either side of the ingredient conveyor (which requires a great deal of luck). If you do so before the ingredient ready for the switch, you then have to “waste” moves on other side of board hoping not to trigger anything that will move your aligned colors. For the edge conveyors, there are also two non-moving spaces at the top left and right that you can attempt to make same color. This will also permit a horizontal swap. Once switched, it is relatively easy to bring the ingredients down.

The difficulty in this level comes from the positioning of the ingredients. They drop into three columns which are interrupted by gaps in the board, meaning the ingredients can almost never be collected without the player shifting the ingredients one column to the left or right. This requires the player to line up a vertical or horizontal match at the perfect time which will allow the ingredient, which continues to move on a conveyor belt, to be shifted sideways. Ingredients never slide left or right in this level. The ingredients are worth 20,000 points, which is equal to the one star target score.

Crush Level Saga Level 586 Details

Level Type: Ingredients (See all Level Types)
Episode: Candy Town
Goal: collect 2 hazelnuts in 35 moves or fewer.
Candy Colors: 5
Max Score: 130,000 / 3 Stars

Here are the cheats and tips on how to beat Candy Crush level 586:

Candy Crush Level 586 Cheats

  • Remove the ingredients from the conveyor belts.
    Candy Crush Level 586 tip
  • Create special candy combinations .
    Candy Crush Level 586 cheats
  • Take advantage of the sugar crush.
    Candy Crush Level 586 help

Level 586 Tips & Help

1The two hazelnuts may enter the board on one of the three conveyor belts. If they do, you must take them off the belt when possible. If they stay on the belt, you will not be able to bring them to the bottom to collect them and pass the level. Since you only have one row available for you to remove them from the belt, make sure you are constantly watching for any possible moves. You do not want to miss an opportunity to remove one of the hazelnuts from the belt. This will make Candy Crush Level 586 far more difficult for you.

2special candies will help you to clear the board and allow more candies and, hopefully, ingredients onto the board. Try to create special candies on the conveyor belt when possible. If not, look at the bottom three rows for any combination possibilities. Once you are able to get a hazelnut onto the board, look to create special candies to help you use your moves more efficiently to bring the ingredients down. You will use fewer moves and collect the ingredients more quickly when you do this.

3Since you only need to collect two ingredients, you may have moves left when the goal is completed. If you are able to remove the hazelnuts from the belt the first or second time around, bringing down the ingredients should not be a problem. If you have moves left over, take advantage of the sugar crush. The sugar crush will activate once you have collected both of the hazelnuts. Also, you can use this to your advantage help you to reach three stars!.

Candy Crush Level 586 Video Guide


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