candy crush level 679 cheats

Candy Crush: Level 679
Level Type: Ingredients

These Candy Crush Level 679 cheats will help you beat level 679 on Candy Crush Saga easily. Candy Crush level 679 is the fourteenth level in Crunchy Courtyard and the 178th ingredients level. To beat this level, you must collect 4 hazelnuts and 4 cherries in 45 moves or fewer. You have 5 candy colors and 51 available spaces. You can get a maximum of 120,000 points.

Strategy: In the current configuration (Facebook and the level cannot be completed without the use of jelly hands to move items into the central columns If you are playing on mobile, restart until all 4 ingredients start in middle 5 columns. Try to remove the icing at the bottom before the ingredients fall. If too many ingredients collect at the bottom the icing can be difficult to remove. Try to form vertical striped candies and aim them at the bottom to remove icing and ingredients.

The all-column dispensing glitch (see below) has now been fixed (on Facebook and at but that has made the level functionally all but impossible as columns of cherries and hazelnuts prevent movement to the inner columns There are stuck zones. The narrow playing board may hinder the breaking of the icing. Ingredients cannot slide into another column. Because all columns spawn candies. The ingredients are worth 80,000 points, which is equal to the two star target score.

Crush Level Saga Level 679 Details

Level Type: Ingredients (See all Level Types)
Episode: Candy Town
Goal: collect 4 hazelnuts and 4 cherries in 45 moves or fewer.
Candy Colors: 5
Max Score: 120,000 / 3 Stars

Here are the cheats and tips on how to beat Candy Crush level 679:

Candy Crush Level 679 Cheats

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  • Candy Crush Level 679 cheats

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